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Learning kana in two days

December 07, 2020 — Tatsumoto

As you know, Japanese uses two phonetic writing systems: hiragana and katakana. The two alphabets represent the same sounds. In this article I want to share how I learned each of the alphabets just in one day, using libre software.

I used the Android app called Kakugo. With the app you can memorize kana very quickly, and you won't need Anki to do it unless you want to learn how to write the characters by hand.

Much later I would make an Anki deck and use it to learn how to write the kana, but if you're just starting, your goal should be to to understand Japanese, and this is a good way to drill the alphabets into your brain.

Killer features:

  • Free software that respects your freedom.
  • Available in F-droid.

I don't recommend learning vocabulary or kanji using this app. Anki is way better for this purpose and will serve you well throughout your AJATT journey.

main menu

Main menu.

The only two options you need are hiragana and katakana.

hiragana menu

Hiragana menu.

Once you select either hiragana or katakana, use the first option to drill the syllabaries.

Don't forget to check the app's settings. You may want to toggle single button mode or hide answers.


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