Path to Japanese fluency

A truly explosive approach to learning Japanese. Everything you need for your language study. Click here to start reading our Table of Contents! And if you feel lost and need help, you can also join our community.

Free forever

Access to knowledge shouldn't come at a price. Our language guide is free, and the tools we use and recommend are libre. The site runs entirely on donations from readers like you.

Mass immersion

Start doing All Japanese All the Time. Instead of buying courses or going to classes, we recommend that you learn Japanese through self-study by listening, watching and reading fun stuff.

Anki decks provided

Forget about forgetting. We believe spaced repetition is an excellent technique for learning vocabulary. We provide Anki decks to aid your immersion and help your learn faster.

Vibrant community

Remember, you're not solo in this journey. We are the largest Japanese learning community on Matrix. We have rooms for a variety of topics where you can ask questions and get help from experienced learners.


Japanese guide

Tatsumoto's Guide to Learning Japanese is a path for learning Japanese from scratch through immersion. If you want to be fluent in Japanese then you've come to the right place. The language learning method explained in this guide will lead you to the highest levels of proficiency faster than any other method in the world.

The guide includes free flashcards, resources, and useful tools to help you in the process.



Ajatt-Tools help people learn languages. The software provides a powerful set of tools that streamline language learning and help you on the path to a near-native level.

Create high quality flashcards with one click, optimize and enhance Anki with our Anki add-ons, generate furigana and pitch accents, find example sentences, and enjoy the process!

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