Path to Japanese fluency

A truly explosive approach to learning Japanese. Prepare to be bombarded with the language you've always wanted to learn.

Free forever

The knowledge is free and the tools are libre. I appreciate if you donate to the maintenance fund but it's entirely optional.

Mass immersion

The method is inspired by All Japanese All the Time. Instead of buying courses or going to classes, we recommend that you learn Japanese through self-study by listening, watching and reading fun stuff.

Anki decks provided

Premade decks for every major step in the learning process to assist your immersion. With Anki you'll remember Japanese as good as you remember how to reassemble your AK-47.

Rampant community

You're not alone in the Arabian Desert. We are the largest Japanese learning community on Matrix. We have rooms for a variety of topics where you can ask questions and get help from competent learners.