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Does time spent in Anki count as immersion time?

January 11, 2023 — Tatsumoto Ren

Yes and no. If you use Anki, it has to take some time from the total amount of time available to you. Anki occupies a part of your study time.

Whether to call Anki immersion is really a philosophical question. In a way it is because in Anki you read sentences created by native speakers that you saved previously. But since Anki is used for repetition and doesn't provide you with new content, it's not a source of immersion. That's why I personally wouldn't call it immersion.

When someone asks you how many hours a day you immerse, usually you are expected to separate Anki from other activities. State both numbers, how much you spend in Anki and how much you do other stuff. Depending on your answers people will give you different advice.

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