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Why should I avoid Discord, Reddit, 4chan, etc.?

October 27, 2022 — Tatsumoto Ren

People reading this site most likely want to find a good community to talk about learning languages. The good news is that we already have our own.

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Discord is substantially worse than any other messaging app. It's a proprietary spyware program. They call it "Discord servers" but that's a lie. You don't really have your own Discord server. It's not free software, you can't actually host it yourself and do anything, it's not serious. Most people there have no idea what they're saying, they don't know Japanese. It's gaymer trash.


Recaptcha is required to register. Absolutely terrible privacy policy. People who don't know any Japanese. Requires JavaScript to function.


Has Cloudflare. Blocks TOR, VPN and proxies. Requires JavaScript to function.

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