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Should I read through Tae Kim while going through the Tango decks?

November 28, 2022 — Tatsumoto Ren

Reading a grammar guide like Tae Kim is very helpful as a beginner. You can read a grammar guide while doing the Tango decks or separately.

Most likely you will be unable to complete the Tango decks without referring to a grammar guide. Tango decks don't teach grammar points as thoroughly as a grammar guide would do. If you stumble upon a card that you don't understand even after reading its back, refer to Tae Kim (or "All About Particles") for explanations. Studying grammar will make sentences in the Tango decks more comprehensible to you. So the strategy of doing grammar+tango in a combo is the most efficient, and probably the most popular.

As for how you'd do it, each day you could read a chapter of Tae Kim and do 10 to 20 new Tango cards.

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