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How to review and grade TSCs?

December 26, 2022 — Tatsumoto Ren

TSCs are very flexible in how you can review them.

When you learn a card for the first time, read the full sentence and understand its meaning as a whole, as well as meanings of individual words in isolation.

When you review the card later, you can choose to skip the sentence and instead only read the target word. Read the word, then reveal the back of the card and read the definition.

If the word is written in kanji, pass the card if you understand the meaning and reading of the target word. If the word is not written in kanji, pass the card if you understand the meaning. A definition is just one of many possible ways to describe the meaning. Don't recall the definition in case of a monolingual card, or the translation in case of a bilingual card verbatim. Your goal is not to memorize a definition, it's to memorize the meaning of a word. Having a general idea of the meaning in your head is enough. If the word has more than one meaning, don't recall all of them. Focus on the context of the TSC in question to determine what particular definition you are tested on.

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