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I would like to start adding pitch accent to my cards. How should I grade the cards once I add pitch accent?

December 20, 2022 — Tatsumoto Ren

Don't change anything in the grading process. Just have pitch accent information on the back of your cards but don't take it into account when grading yourself.

If you force yourself to recall the target word and its pitch accent at the same time, failure to recall any of the two will result in a failed card. For example, you will have to fail a card if you remember what the word means but don't remember its accent. Piotr Wozniak in his 20 rules basically says not to do it.

If you consider an item that is composed of two sub-items, you will need to make repetitions that are frequent enough to keep the more difficult item in memory. If you split the complex item into sub-items, each can be repeated at its own pace saving your time.

Twenty rules of formulating knowledge

To learn pitch accents of individual words you should make separate cards. Have a word on the front of the card and its pitch accent on the back.

For example:

Front Back
What's the accent of 出来る? 中高 (2)
What's the accent of 入る(はいる)? 頭高 (1)

If a word has multiple readings, you need to include furigana on the front as well.

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