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How much more efficient is AJATT than Refold?

December 27, 2022 — Tatsumoto Ren

Refold started out as a copy of AJATT with some parts reworded. There wasn't much difference between the two. The biggest thing was that it was directed at casual language learners who don't want to spend that much time on their target language. I'm not that knowledgeable about Refold's teachings, but I understand that Refold was designed to be less effective than AJATT. Depending on how much time you have for immersion, what you immerse with, and how you use Anki you can progress faster, and I wish you do.

Then some time after the initial launch Refold was transformed into a language learning scam. On top of monthly donations, it started pushing T-shirts and cups from their store. Then they added paid Anki decks, with the prices getting higher over time. Finally, courses and coaching were introduced.

It's clear that their site is made to deceive people. I recommend ignoring it.

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